Mistress of Fire and Steel by Megan Bryar

Mistress of Fire and Steel

Megan Bryar

15 January 2017 at 17:02:29 MST

When she was younger, Deborah spent some time as Ciara's apprentice, back when Ciara was still just Viridis' resident master farrier. Deborah never had quite the knack for dealing with feral horses that Ciara did, so when Ciara moved on to become queen of Cearnach, the title of Master farrier went to someone else. However, Deborah does have quite a knack for bending iron and steel to her will and she has continued to hone her skills on her own. Now she works primarily for her own enjoyment to create intricate works of art, from tools to knives to sculptures and beyond, and she has made quite a name for herself as the first person on the island to treat smithing as an art form instead of a craft born of pure utility. Which isn't to say that her work isn't completely functional.

All that, and she looks incredibly sexy in a leather apron, too!

Art belongs to songgoishtar https://www.furaffinity.net/user/songgoishtar/

Deborah Katherine Bryar belongs to me.


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    sucha cutey i love the whiskers :-)

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      So do I. They just make her look even cuter!

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    The purple hair just does it for me. Maybe it's just Lauren but I really love a natural hair color mixed with a highlight of a different color. :)