Captain Alexandria Bleu by Megan Bryar

Captain Alexandria Bleu

Megan Bryar

30 November 2016 at 15:57:44 MST

Soldier. Adventurer. Shameless hedonist, pet and lover of Queen Fiachra O'Malley.

Bleu is something of an anomaly on the island of Viridis, first for being one of the very few wolves who live there and, second, for her mysterious past. It is known that she was once a soldier in a terrible war and that her entire family was slaughtered by a rival faction, but she refuses to discuss the details with anyone. She certainly hasn't let her troubled past slow her down, though, and it hasn't taken her long to become one of the most recognized, and respected, people on the island.

A bit of a new look for my cheeky wolf lass. After four years, I thought it was time to update her look a little, and to get some work done to help solidify her design a bit. I adopted her on a whim, but she has become one of my favorite characters and quite an important character in my latest story. Whenever that might be published.

Art belongs to dirtyscoundrel
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Captain Alexandria Bleu belongs to me.

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    I see she's got some earrings!

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      I couldn't resist. It seems that none of my characters go with bare ears for very long!

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        Jewelry is something few of my characters ever wear, oddly enough.