Summer Sweets by Megan Bryar

Summer Sweets

Megan Bryar

9 August 2016 at 17:05:00 MDT

A new coffee shop has opened up in the city-state of Oseille. This shop, owned and operated by a cute red-haired mouse girl, offered a wide variety of treats from around the world. And, it was whispered, from beyond any known land as well. Naturally, Deborah and Molly were quite keen to explore the tasty treats offered by this new shop and it seemed like the perfect places for their next date. To their delight, the shop proved to be everything they'd hoped for, and more, the proprietor was too cute for words, and of course the company and the conversation were excellent. Though they elected to keep the precise details of their little chat a secret.

(Don't worry, the girls will bring some cake back to share with everyone, too!)

Art belongs to the absolutely amazing kristein
Her post:

Molly Rabbitfangs belongs to, and is the daughter of, my dear friend rabbitfangs

Deborah Bryar belongs to me, and is Megan's cheeky young daughter.


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    Those cakes look so delicious. :)

    Deborah is definitely such a sweetie. :)