When Playing Cat and Mouse... by Megan Bryar

When Playing Cat and Mouse...

Megan Bryar

16 June 2016 at 14:59:04 MDT


You'd better be sure just who the mouse really is.

When Joan and Alice asked Colleen to play predator/prey with them, she happily agreed and accompanied them out into the woods for the game, never realizing that SHE was the designated prey. While Alice distracts the big cat, Joan makes ready to grab her by the tail just as she attempts to leap. Colleen is in for a bit of a surprise.

I suppose Colleen should have remembered that the twins are one-third weasel, and one-third rabbit for that matter, and as full of cunning as mischief as any six-year-olds have ever been.

A wonderful surprise gift from my darling friend lianer who really is such a total sweetheart.

Art belongs to saltypaw http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltypaw

Colleen belongs to lianer

Alice and Joan are co-owned by lianer and meganbryar and are the sly, adorable daughters of Liane and Jessamine Rabbitfangs.

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    Awww lol so cute!

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    EEEK! Look at those expressions. ;)

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      Aren't they just adorable? Those kids are such little balls of fun!