They Call Me General Deirdre by Megan Bryar

They Call Me General Deirdre

Megan Bryar

16 June 2016 at 14:10:09 MDT


You will salute when you speak to me.

Who says that being a hero is only for the young? Deirdre has spent most of her life with a sword in her hands and she's more than a match for a bunch of snot-nosed young pups who think they have what it takes to challenge her.

This was a raffle prize, so I don't really have a story to go with this. But I don't think Deidre has ever looked so badass as she does here.

Art belongs to Kolewazaki-san
Her post:
If you like this, do go and check her gallery out. She does some truly beautiful work.

General Deirdre Ciara Alexandra Lohan belongs to me.


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    I'm definitely looking forward to finding out more about Deirdre. Was she one of those characters that started out filling a need (Ciara's parent) and evolved to become a lot larger piece of the story? I always find it fun when you get curious about the peripheral characters and want to find out more about where they came from and such.

    I know that Deirdre, I've seen her in Oseille but that quote there kind of makes me think she's more of a regal personality than perhaps I first thought.

    Either way, I love how she's got some common traits that follow down through the generations, along to Emer. ;)

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      Deirdre did basically start out as just Ciara's mother. The reason that Ciara is only twelve years old in the prolog of Oseille was that I had originally thought that she would stay that age throughout the story. I hadn't actually meant for either of her parents to become major characters in the story. They were introduced because it didn't seem right for a twelve-year-old to just be running around loose with no connections to anyone. But then the story and the characters kept evolving and the more I got to know them, the more they became who they are today. It's kind of funny, in a way, because Deirdre is rather closer to your traditional fantasy hero than Ciara is, despite Ciara's royal parentage. Deirdre's the one with the real combat experience and the keen sense of wanderlust. She's the one who ran away from home to make a name for herself.

      As for her personality, I think "cocky" might be a better word, though a certain amount of regal bearing might have rubbed off from her association with Connor. But she's a tinker's daughter, born in the back of a wagon somewhere in the wilds of Oseille. What's more, her parents were immigrants which meant that they, and Deirdre, were considered outsiders by most of the people on the island. Between that and the fact that, as a pure-bred swift fox, she's significantly smaller than even most foxes on the island, she has always had to rely on attitude and her supreme self confidence to make herself seem bigger than she really is. In some ways, her whole life has been practice for becoming the mother of the Queen of Cearnach and, by extension, an extremely important person on the island in her own right.

      I have tried to make sure that Ciara and Emer shared enough traits with her to make it clear they were all family. Her attitude and her confidence certainly run through the generations, as does her desire to help make the world a better place. Needless to say, she is very proud of both her daughter and her grand-daughter.

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        It reminds me a bit of how once I had tried to start a story with Davis and Lucy as teens but it just kept running into a wall when I realized that once they solved the dilemma the series began with there was no practical reason for them to keep going. Since I didn't want the story to end where it was (even though I later scrapped it and repurposed the characters), I advanced their age to adults and made the cargo ship their job, and suddenly everything unlocked. They were out there for a reason, not just to get a job done but the job became a byproduct of their being out there to make a living. Deirdre may be closer to the traditional fantasy hero but what makes Oseille so unique is that much of what happens is out of the main characters control. It presents a somewhat unique perspective to the fantasy genre.

        I can see that, it could go either way. It really is fascinating how much what we say and the words characters use can define their personalities.

        Not to mention they all have a penchant for trouble, haha. :)