Emer's Riding Lesson by Megan Bryar

Emer's Riding Lesson

Megan Bryar

8 January 2016 at 06:22:34 MST

Horseback riding is a vital skill on Emer's native island of Viridis. At least it is for those who don't wish to be stuck riding shanks' mare all their lives. So, naturally, it's important that Emer learns to ride. Of course, nobody ever said she couldn't start out easy. Rather than trust their daughter's safety to some fractious gelding, Ciara and Liane agreed that a little bit of shape-shifting would provide Emer with the best first "horse" anyone ever had! Wouldn't you know? It turns out the pup is a natural!

Art belongs to the awesome saltypaw http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltypaw

Emer, our precious pup, belongs to both lianer and meganbryar

Liane, the best "horsey" ever belongs to my dear friend lianer who gets many hugs for commissioning such a wonderful picture!

Ciara Lohan, the proud mother, belongs to me!