My Pancakes! by Megan Bryar

My Pancakes!

Megan Bryar

30 December 2015 at 18:56:17 MST

In spite of their being royalty, and living in a castle full of hundreds of people willing to wait on them, Emer's family has always placed a great deal of emphasis on self reliance. This suits Emer just fine as it means she always has something to keep her occupied and because she enjoys learning new things. She already knows how to fight a little, thanks to her grandmother's insistence. Ciara taught her how to work with steel and Niamh taught her how to treat injuries up to broken bones. She has even learned a few minor spells her sire, Liane. Unfortunately, she seems to have inherited Ciara's total lack of talent in the kitchen. Poor pup. All she wanted to do was make breakfast for her mothers!

Art belongs to the absolutely amazing malachyte

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