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Hi, I’m Meeka the sheeb, I post art sometimes, but mostly I boof!

I’m not new to the furry fandom, so I'm not completely lost, though still generally confused.

I like nerd shit and monsters. Nice to meet you, or whatever

I don't really like to thank each individual person for a favorite (because I don't want to bother someone if they do it often) however I will thank for watches. Also if you're coming here because I liked/watched you or something you did, you're welcome ^^

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on 13 May 2018 at 14:46:12 MDT

Don't like being so quiet over her. How about you guys tell me about your sonas/favorite ocs :3c I love talking about people's characters! You can always ask about mine too!:

(main characters that have a story to them)

(my beloved characters that are part of a species:)

(my sona Meeka, and my retried sona Mimi :D)

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