Shadow Over Eden Prime by Medulla Oblongata

Shadow Over Eden Prime

Medulla Oblongata

16 February 2013 at 19:15:46 MST

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When i first got my copic markers I thought, "Now I only have a very limited palette to use... so whom should I draw? Almost immediately, an image popped into my mind... this image... of Saren Arterius, wielding his powerful biotics and a deadly gun, while Eden Prime was in flames in the background.

This picture was designed with copic markers, ink, and prismacolor pencils. I've taken the liberty of uploading the steps of the picture's progress... what it looked like in the pencil stage, the ink stage, and finally the finished color stage.

This is the pencil stage:

I like to make tons of notes in pencil, and sometimes i goof off and write weird shit for lulz. It all gets erased in the end...

This is the ink stage:

I did not use any cross-hatching and kept inking to a minimum, because i had some seriously shaky hands ._. also, by keeping the ink to a minimum, I was able to maximize the area of color. maybe i should have used crosshatching? Don't really like crosshatching... meh.

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