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The Ordinary Dragonwasp! by Medli

The dragon wasp, although called "ordinary", is all but that. It is highly likely that these creatures are the terrifying outcome of a crossbreeding between dragons and megawasps, a happenstance no man should ever be forced to imagine. Both the "parenting" creatures are already gruesome as it is, and the dragon wasp combines the worst of both.
Equipped with the wasp's stinger, legs and wings, but also the scales and head of a dragon, the dragon wasp is about as large as a grown man's torso while retaining the speed and agility of an insect.
It is required that each and every sighting of a dragon wasp drone is reported to the local authorities, as it would indicate the presence of a nearby nest, which must be taken out as soon as possible to avoid the horror one such nest would bring along.

Dragon wasps are always led by the orders of a humongous queen, who feeds on whatever the drones may bring her, and will only leave the nest to found a new one elsewhere after spawning a new queen. Aside from drones and the queen, there are constructors whose main objective is to enlarge the nest, and soldiers, who are capable of spewing fire and are mainly used for defense.
Interestingly, the queens are sentient, and sometimes can be brought to move elsewhere by reason and talk, however these occasions are rare since the queens also are ravenous and will usually try to feast on any intruder who manages to fight off her children.
Should a brave adventurer ever successfully descend into a dragon wasp swarm cluster and slay the queen, all of the connected drones, constructors and soldiers will be "knocked out" - They don't die, but supposedly due to the shock of being disconnected from their hive mind, they drop into a state of disabling confusion, writhing around on the floor, incapable of doing any further damage. In this case, a hero who's as smart as he is brave will gather some friends and scavenge the nest for anything valuable, be it stashed-away shiny things(they ARE part dragon afterall) or the body parts of the disabled queen, as they too are highly valuable.

The Ordinary Dragonwasp!


This one really IS ordinary. Hah.

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