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The Disgustingly Naked Mole Plant! by Medli

The Disgustingly Naked Mole Plant, as unbelievable as it sounds, is a completely natural creature. Or plant. It seems as though no one is really sure about what it is, really. By the looks of it, it's the head of a dark-skinned, sick naked mole sticking out from the ground, surrounded by four psychidelically colorful leaves meant to attract smarter prey. The plant also emits a rancid stench, which apparently is pleasant to a variety of creatures, such as goat flies, dancing oyster men, or dragonwasps.

However, as soon as one gets too close to the plant, the mole head will become active and emerge from the ground on a long, barbed neck(it is assumed the barbs are meant to help it unburrow), hissing at the intruder and spewing a gooey black acid. The acid has shown to slowly dissolve the victim into highly fertile muck, while also slowing it down for further spewing upon. Once the prey has been decapitated, the  mole head retracts to the ground, closing the leaves around itself - and surprisingly, will remain peaceful if approached by other organisms until the nutrition runs out and the leaves open up again.
In this passive state, one can unearth the naked mole plant, revealing the "bag" storing the neck, as well as the roots emerging from it. This behavior, while safe, is still not recommended, as the only part of the naked mole plant useful in alchemy is it's blood(or juice?), and cutting up a sleeping naked mole plant will cause it to awaken. An unearthed, active naked mole plant, as one may imagine, is a highly dangerous foe - Once unearthed, the plant will be capable of utilizing its roots in tiny, quick movements to slither after the unfortunate aggressor, should it be able to avoid the first spew and get out of range in time.

The Disgustingly Naked Mole Plant!


17 November 2012 at 05:45:26 MST

Don't even ask me what went through my head when I made this. It's.....Special. |D;

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