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ENG/ 中文 OK! [仍在学习]

Orion | 18 | Colourful Mech Extrodinare | ♡single♡ | icon credit: optibyte

All I post is robots, furries and furry robots.



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NEED HELP ASAP-Commissions discounted

Im almost $200 in debt thanks to paypal recharging netflix 4 times and causing almost $200 in overdraft fees to pile up. Commissions are now discounted ($20 for a full body/flat shaded, $15 for a badge) and Im doing cheap YCHs along with new commissions

Im also offering NSFW commissions and this will be your ONLY time to get them. Im doing $25 full and $10 shaded sketches (examples: )

Please help, comment or note of interested

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