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"Precious Life" by MearuFox

"Precious Life"


"Precious Life" was up for sale at EF16 , all proceeds went to benefit Gnadenhof Emmrich (Animal Sanctuary) More information about this wonderful Sanctuary can be found here - [link]

"Precious Life" - Reminding us that all life is precious and sacred. This piece depicts the love and sacred bond that new parents share as they bring life forth into the world. In this case the most unlikely of species, a Donkey mother and Zebra Father have produced the tiny miracle of a Zedonk hybrid. Inspiration for this piece came from friends, my own personal family experience, an article about such a miracle coming to pass, the sanctuary and EF's present theme this year.

This is my first piece ever submitted to any kind of Art Show, it is also the first time I know of that my art appears at a Con. This has me extra excited, it is -almost- as good as attending myself, perhaps someday soon I will be able to attend and present my art in person. It cannot go without saying that I must give thanks to friends and family for their encouragement and inspiration. The scanner has of course eaten up some of the finer details that you will only see with the painting right before you, such as the slight iridescence in the whites. If you are attending EF this year why not stop by the Art Show and have a look for yourself.

+- Meditation of Inspiration-+

"The brush must paint by itself"



  • Ink Dyes
  • Acrylic Ink
  • Gel Pen

"Precious Life" © Mearú 2010

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