Patreon Pic 16 by Meanybeany

Patreon Pic 16


23 November 2015 at 17:08:54 MST

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Part 16 - Nope

Somewhere in the vast empty space between Clere's jaws one of the fragments of Hell floated silently and slowly towards the immense darkness that was the dragon's throat. Crumbs, whose only stay of execution lay in their relative irrelevance. In the distance a planet approached, red and juicy, only partially visible between the immense teeth that lined the dragon's jaws.

On a section of wall on the fragment a light suddenly formed, then turned into an orange glowing oval, a portal to another world. A figure stepped through, white fur, tail, and a brown coat. The feline stopped to stare at the planet in the distance, rapidly approaching behind massive teeth.


And with that he left as he came.