Patreon Pic 15 by Meanybeany

Patreon Pic 15


23 November 2015 at 17:06:53 MST

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Part 15 - Hell's Belle

Clere ate her way out of the hell pig's stomach and towards the largest city, concentric rings of vast buildings and immense spires, visible from space as a sea of lights the size of a planet. The pig's flesh made its way into Clere, the dragon pulling huge chunks into her mouth and biting the next piece before the previous was fully swallowed. Clere's rapidly bloating form started to overtake the pig's form, though the pig itself died long before that. As their dying home was devoured, those demons lucky enough to possess star-sailing ships escaped, visible from afar as swarm of yellow lights, leaving far, far more lights behind on the carcass...