Patreon Pic 14 by Meanybeany

Patreon Pic 14


23 November 2015 at 17:04:34 MST

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Part 14 - Oink

With nothing left in hell left for Clere to devour, she started snapping at the edges. At first it seemed as though the edge of hell was an invisible wall of force with nothing behind it, but once Clere bit through it its true nature was revealed. The wall of nothing parted to reveal a wall of flesh, which Clere tore into with abandon.
Hell walked on four legs, between the stars, on the path of good intent. An immense demonic pig, as big as a dozen planets combined, covered in the cities of demon lords, it was the center of power for demonkind and the ultimate arbiter of planets that had turned so evil, they fell under demonkind's juristiction. From its distended abdomen burst hunger incarnate, in the form of a green snout...