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[Commission] Snickers and Kewbee by MeaKitty

[Commission] Snickers and Kewbee


3 November 2013 at 13:32:55 MST

So Snickers and Kewbee wanted a commission "something along the lines of a post-tackle straddle, the collie Snickers having just been tackled by an Arctic Fox, something along those lines, anyway"

So what would an arctic fox do after pouncing a collie? Boop his nose of course. ^_^

Both these guys were really awesome with the feedback, especially Snix because he didn't actually have a definitive character besides what I drew for Aslan's commission for SKetchfest, she he was really cool about the whole design thing.

Absolutely love this drawing. I think it turned out awesome.

Characters © Snickers and Kewbee (don't know your accounts, guys, sorry.) Image © :iconmeaeshana:, 2nd November 2013