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Anti-Venom Recluse by MeaKitty

Anti-Venom Recluse


My gosh that background nearly broke my tablet and my mind, but it was totally worth it - The Recluse, with her Anti-Venom Symbiote in all it's prismatic glory, standing in the forests of Cullfield while it burns. Why we went with that... is not my story to tell, but there you go.
Character © Kiera Skylar, my RP Partner-in-Crime #1. Image © Mea'eshana PhoenixFire.

Open for a couple of Single Character Wing-It's (Half Price: $80) or sketches now via Ko-Fi (MeaKitty)
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    The background did turn out very awesome! :)

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    Daaaaaannngg thats neat