Nate & Havoc by MeaKitty

Nate & Havoc


30 September 2019 at 07:33:37 MDT

Hooray, now that his birthday's (basically) over, I can finally reveal this. My IC Hubby, Nate Scofield (aka Mr Meg Millar) got a new X-Suit for his birthday today, and I'm so proud of how it turned out. I put so much effort into this but it's starting to seem like nothing at all, especially considering how awesome the end result turned out. The little blue gooper is Inki's mate, Havoc the Klyntarian Symbiote - think artificial Venom or Carnage, grown in a lab and bio-coded to their host. He's a little less scary then I'd like him to be, but considering they're meant to be utter babies (literally less than a year old) I couldn't help but make them malleable and adorable. Think I pulled that off nicely too. Happy Birthday, Natey.

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  • Link looks amazing! :D