AT with IceShadow by Mc Shizzle

AT with IceShadow

Mc Shizzle

2 February 2014 at 11:13:05 MST

An Art Trade with IceShadow of their Ferret(?)
hope you like it, my first time doing proper shading xD

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    Screeeeech look at tha cutieeeee! I love his little smile! :D For your first ferret, you did very well :DDDD especially on teh little pawsies!

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    aww yay :D
    im really glad you think so, i spent about 4 hours studying their bodies and paws to draw it x3
    im just thrilled you like it!

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      Whispers hey I think I am done with my half I just want to make sure I got him right ;w;

      but your studying paid off! ;w; He's so adorableeee. I love getting art of him because it challenges people and I think he's just too adorableeee

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        awww yay jumpsexcitdly
        cant wait to see it!!

        and im so so glad :'D and i see, he is a very cute character!

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          screams I cannot get your name to say just Mc Shizzle XDD it keeps changing it to Mc%20Shizzle But its on my paggeeee

          Both of our characters are adoorableeee ;w;<3

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    Aha yay!!!
    Runs to check it out!!!
    and im so glad you think so :''D <3