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My WIP Torchlight Studios website is accessible here, but you can join by INVITE ONLY, currently, so if you'd like an invite please contact me with an email of yours!

Please visit my deviantART page for more info about me! I HAS LOTS OF THE STAMPS *derpy face*

Or feel free to add me Skype, I love to chat. Well, most of the time.

Oh herro preez. Ya'll can call me McKinley. I also make fursuits under TwistedTerrace separated the two things I do because most people don't appreciate furries or fursuits, and I didn't want that to affect my popularity in writing. I'm not doing it because I'm embarrassed to be a furry, it's just a sad truth that I know people will judge me for it. What they don't take the time to understand is, I'm a furry for the artistic side and I will have none of that weird porn/sex crap, and most furries aren't even like that anway. I make suits, and I love to see other makers suits. Is that so bad?

***I'm believed to be the biggest Silent Hill fan out there, at least according to most everyone I know, so feel free to chat me up n' shit :D I understand all of what people don't seem to about the series. I own multiple copies of each of the games and have a whole crap-tone of memorabilia that I really should take pictures of o.O It's ironic, though, that people think I don't have any deeper understanding of Silent Hill when they are told about the storyline for my animated series "Fog Lights". Well, it's a crossover, what do you expect? It's NOT going to be exactly like Silent Hill, it's not supposed to. So don't get on here and start spewing about how I "did things wrong" in Fog Lights. I know more than you do, I'll bet, and I'm not just saying that. You can't bash something when I never intended it in the first place. Dummies. Pfft. Anyway, I was a fan of the whole series until it all started going downhill around Homecoming, BUT: Homecoming was still on my okay list. So was Downpour, although it had a shit-ton of stuff I didn't approve of, but I'm really glad that got that creepiness back. Dem mannequins O.O Then there's Shattered Memories. Don't even talk to me about that game. I try to believe it never existed. Questions, comments? Feel free to shoot. Oh, and I'm still looking for voice actors for Fog Lights, so send me a note if you're interested!

***I'm a zombie and lycan fanatic, I know much, much more than most people can even comprehend about the subjects, as well as their origins and 'facts' in each type of mythology. I'm also somewhat adept in the subjects of other mythological creatures such as nosferatu and pretty much anything else you can come up with.

***I'm a female gamer. I prefer PS3, but I also own and original Xbox, a Wii, a Gameboy, a DS, a 3DS, and a Vita. Most games I love are first person shooters, but I have my strays.

***My favorite games consist of Pokemon, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Amnesia, Penumbra (VERY MUCH PENUMBRA), and Kingdom Hearts, and a bunch of others. My favorite game of all time is 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

***I love to read and write. My favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Scott Westerfeld, and Stephen King. I collect Dean Koontz books, and my favorite series is Odd Thomas.

***My favorite movies are Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Warm Bodies, Saw, Final Destination (all except 4, which sucked) Jurassic Park, Get Smart, Despicable Me, the FIRST Resident Evil (only), and a bunch, bunch more.

***My favorite band is The Birthday Massacre, and I hope to meet them and have them sign everything I own someday :D

***I also have a GREAT GREAT love of dinosaurs, and I still don't understand why everyone seems to think they're 'gay'. YOU'RE gay.

***My favorite dinosaur is a Dilophosaurus. I love them very much <3

Aaaaaaand...hmm...I can't think of anything else :dummy: TA-DA! Mah page.



Latest Journal

Fog Lights to add Kingdom Hearts?

on 3 March 2013 at 14:16:45 MST

If you guys think it would be cool, say so! But before you say adding a Kingdom Hearts/Silent Hill crossover is "gay", read this:

Imagine the keyblades.

The outfits for the characters would be awesome.

The fact that our world is about to get destroyed and remade into a living Hell by the Order, Sora (and friends) would easily find a keyhole to enter the world to help out, so the storyline integration would work perfectly.

If you are for this addition to Fog Lights, please say so, and which characters you'd like to see! Of course it won't guarantee that those characters will be in the series, but I'd like to know, and if I can work something out I will :)

Pro: 3 votes

Against: 0 votes

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