Survived Surgery! by Mazz

Survived Surgery!


5 September 2016 at 20:32:35 MDT

I was sent home Saturday late afternoon.

Like i said in my journal.. I am home. :)

I still have a drainage tube in my neck and my lungs didn't handle intubation well so i'm on oxygen for an unknown amount of time.

Sitting on the livingroom couch enjoying some Blazing Saddles with the family. I tend to avoid going down to my room until bed time because even with oxygen it's hard to use the stairs.

Lets hope this is only a short term issue and i'll be able to breathe normally (well as normal as an asthmatic can anyway).
i do not really like this leash of air the keeps me alive.

I'll try to go out and see friends once the tube connected to my chest below the surgery spot it removed (kinda don't wanna risk infection on the surgical area), i have portable oxygen thankfully.

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    Don't let anyone smoke or light candles around you! Best of luck!

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      It sucks I can't smoke pot lol. I hate cigarette smell tho so I tend to not let people smoke around me anyway.
      Also no candles in my house since the fumes could mess with my birds

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    I'm glad it went well! I hope your recovery goes speedily ^-^

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      I do too, my lungs having issues was a surprise

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    I hope everything heals up soon!

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    er mah gerd.
    i just got back recently and know nothing of the events that lead up to this... 0_0
    get better
    be careful
    more words of encouragement that fit the situation
    and a big ol hug ((^u^)/)

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      messed up the first time

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        My cancer came back so they had to cut my neck open again to remove the growth

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          whale den.
          more hugs
          glad you survived!
          i hope cancer gets cancer and dies