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[Commission] Heal My Heart by Mazrogal

[Commission] Heal My Heart


11 June 2018 at 23:51:15 MDT

A wonderful and touching commission i got from Red-izak showing me crying over the loss of Ysera, and yes i can admit i shed tears IRL when i saw the cinematic for the first time when i leveled in the Legion Expansion for world of warcraft. And i was more then happy that She drew this when i pitched a idea with her and she even improved it making it look like my heart was touched by Ysera giving me strength to carry on over Dragon's losing The Dreamer.

Ysera © Blizzard Entertainment

Mazrogal © Myself

Art © Red-Izak

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    God that quest was so sad. Nightsong is a gorgeous song though, it really fit the feel.

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      Yeah it did fit the cinematic the nightsong