Win a Night with May! (Auction) by MayLingPandaren

Win a Night with May! (Auction)


13 June 2015 at 05:40:08 MDT

SB: 10$
Bid increase: 5$
AB: 150$
Ends Tuesday @ Midnight!

What you'll get: 1 transformation picture, 1 weight gain/loss picture, 1 Genderswap picture, and 1 love story between you and her~! The love story will be 3-5 pages long.

Rules of Bidding:
1. Don't back out. You'll be blocked or blacklisted from any further auctions.
2. Don't RP in the auction sections. Its rude, VERY annoying, and people can't see where to bid at.
3. "But i had the second highest bid!" Well, I'm a very nice Pandaren. Mama bear will give you two pictures. A transformation one, and a weight gain one.
4. Don't cry if you didn't win. It makes you look foolish.
5. If you somehow it goes higher than the AB (Maybe not...) Then.. Uh lol, Idk. I'll think of more.
6. Bid on the comment that says, "Bid HERE" or reply to the person Bidding.

I just need a little cash for my house, for food, and other items~ It'll be nice If someone would even give a SB. I've got my paws crossed you guys~ <3 Wish mama luck~ ^^

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