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Wrong Ruins (NMA) by Maximus_Coyotox

Wrong Ruins (NMA)


A YCH I got from Artisipancake

Sparky had recently lost some weight so he can be more presentable for the Dutch Angel Dragons
if he was to find any at the ruins that he was flying to. The ruins that sparky was flying to were the
ancient ruins of a Dutch Angel Dragon Clan in Germany that was abandoned some hundred years ago
prior to the First World War (whom Sparky had fought in as a pilot but that is a different story).
Sparky had planned to bring back an artifact to his now owner, Sephoix, as a present.
Finally, he had found some ruins and landed. He looked around at the many tombstones that had
been placed all about the ruins. Tombstones? That's odd. Sparky didn't recall these at the Dutch
Angel Dragon clan he sought out. Then all of a sudden, the ancient script written on the
tombstones began to glow a strange pink aura. Sparky read the tombstones script, which said,
"We are the hands that feed to ones whom fall easy to gluttony, now prepare yourselves for a
feast of food that we into you shall be stuffing."
Before he could react, he found his hands were tied behind him with some kind of ghostly rope.
He tried to break them with his raw strength but it was no use. This rope existed on an ethereal
plane of existence, and since Sparky himself was an ethereal being, he could not break them.
Then some ghostly hands came from the tombstones and began to pat down Sparky's body,
Particularly his belly. Sparky saw another pair of ghost hands push a cart stuffed high with all
kinds of very fattening pastries. He knew all too well what this meant, and as suspected, one hand
picked up a glazed cinnamon roll from the cart and shoved it into his mouth. Sparky chewed it and
then swallowed... It was so tasty, Sparky wanted more... NO! He doesn't want more! He can't
let his gluttony get the best of him-
Then another was shoved into his mouth, then another, then another... He couldn't help himself...
it was all too good... but he had to fight it... he couldn't give in... but then, Sparky noticed that
with each pastry he ate, with each one he swallowed, he felt himself get fatter and fatter, his belly,
butt, cheeks and tail filling with the all too familiar feeling of fat. No... He must... resist... but it feels... oh so good... he soon gained all the weight he had lost back and was only getting fatter
and fatter... Sparky soon stopped resisting... it was useless to fight it... it felt too good... he loved being fat too much... and he wanted to get fatter... MUCH fatter. And so he continued to let himself fatten up more and more... growing into a big ball of Dutchie fat... he was, after all,
Sparky the Fat Dutch Angel Dragon.


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