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Don't You Dare Look Out Your Window by MaximumSimplicity

Don't You Dare Look Out Your Window


don't you dare look out your window,
darlin' everything's on fire.
the war outside our door keeps ragin' on...


Speedpaint ;; Here


The scent of smoke in the air was enough to suffocate, even for a fire type, who might be used to it. All Vulpin knew was that they needed to get away from here, and fast. There was no one trapped inside, and so going back into the burning guild wasn't an option. There was no time to run in and grab a few keepsakes, a few necessary items, no time to grab any gold coins, either.

Vulpin and Scratch had nothing, and the rest of the guild members were hardly any luckier.

She only looked back once, and she couldn't bring herself to do so again. The sight of the place she'd called home for what felt like forever going up in flames was too painful to look at. She caught a glimpse of Guildmaster Iroh and his second in command, Julius, sitting not too far off, staring in utter dismay at the sight of the guild as it burned, slowly crumbling to the ground. A pang of sympathy made her throat tighten; that guild had been everything Iroh lived for, and now it was gone. Or, at least it would be.

With a sound like a feeble sob rising in the back of her throat, Vulpin turned away, leaning against Scratch and gritting her teeth, beginning to follow the rest of the apprentices down the path. Where they'd go, she had no idea, and she was pretty sure the others didn't know either. All she knew right now was that she'd find the bastard responsible for this and make them suffer a similar, fiery fate.


To be completely honest I think this might very well be one of my biggest pieces, effort wise, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This is a scene from my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story (or... idea for a story, rather, since there really isn't any actually written; it's mostly just planned out in my head). I've had the overall idea for the story for years, along with many of the characters, and the whole thing originated from a roleplay on an old forum site.

Basically, in this scene, the guild where Vulpin, her partner, and her friends all trained at to become exploration teams has been sabotaged and it's burning to the ground. Obviously, they're all pretty upset.

So yeah, not much to say here.

What are backgrounds???? What are trees???? idk but that fire was really fun to draw to be honest.


Iroh the typhlosion (the guild master)
Julius the absol (guild master's assistant)
Vulpin the vulpix (a former human)
Scratch the poochyena (Vulpin's partner and best friend)


Programs Used: Paint Tool Sai, Gimp
Time Taken: 15ish hours??? I'll have it calculated soon.
Characters (c) Me (MaximumSimplicity)
Art (c) Me (MaximumSimplicity)

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