[GIFT] *No Title, Just Passes Out* (by JOLLY JACK) by MaxCoyote

[GIFT] *No Title, Just Passes Out* (by JOLLY JACK)


15 December 2013 at 20:40:42 MST

It's.... It's..... Joly Jack.... he.... drew....Fate for me.



Phillip M. Jackson aka "Jolly Jack" is one of my favorite all time comic artists. I mean... up there. Next to Eric W. Schwartz and Frank Miller. While not as famous, he's done a webcomic called Sequential Art for many years, and has also just started publishing his first full comic book called "Little Victory". He's also very popular online. In fact, I don't know why I'm telling you all this. If you're furry and not heard of Jolly Jack, I'd have to hit you.

I promised JJ that I wouldn't really say WHY he gave me this. Lets just say it was a gift for being a good customer, I guess. XD

This helps make up for one of the worst two weeks I've ever had in my life. To get gift art from one of your artistic heroes.... well...it helps alot! :) I will treasure this for a long time. I also hope time day to hire someone who can color and shade this to do it justice.


artwork ©   www.furaffinity.net/user/jollyjack 2011

FateCoyote character © maxcoyote 2011

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