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[COM] Warrior (by Wolf-Nymph) by MaxCoyote

[COM] Warrior (by Wolf-Nymph)


Fate stands ready, and attacks, with fire in her eyes! With lightning quick reflexes she weaves in and out, quickly thrusting and pulling out her cold unforgiving blade from within her enemies as they lay stunned, slowly falling to the ground. By the time the first body hits the ground, all other of her enemies are motionless... soon to be on the ground as well in a pool of their own blood.

Cheery commentary, huh? XD

I really have no words for this amazing work of art. I hired wolf-nymph for obvious reasons, but I can't tell you how great this turned out. Heck, why do I? You can see for yourself. The amount of detail and effort she puts into her work is more then most I have ever seen. She is very professional and skilled. I enjoyed very much working with her, and I really hope I get to again. My suggestion? Buy a piggy bank and write "wolf-nymph" on it and save if you have to. WORTH IT. Thank you so much! I can't truly say how awesome this is! I have no words!

While wolf-nymph gave me a high res clean version, I didn't use it cause it doesn't have her watermark. I wanted alot more resolution to post on here because of how much amazing detail there is to be seen, but I must respect the wishes of the artist. Watermark must stay. Sorry guys! :(


artwork ©    eskiworks 2011

FateCoyote © maxcoyote 2011

"MC" insignia © "linkmaxcoyote: 2009-2011

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