Mercurus Sarbetz - Reference Portrait by MavenTreecat

Mercurus Sarbetz - Reference Portrait


1 October 2019 at 22:45:41 MDT

"Thief, kupo?! I'm insulted. To be honest, I'd be a little insulted if you reduced me to 'treasure hunter', too. I simply hunt adventure and good company, kupo! Mercurus Sarbetz, the Dashing, rogue corsair and captain by wit, at your service, kupo!"

"Please stop giggling, kupo. They don't make airship captain wear in my size..."

Mercurus Sarbetz, the Dashing! One of the very first characters I ever made, and one of the very first I crystalized into a full character. He fibs to gods and flirts with every charming person he meets...although his idea of flirting is extremely platonic. Poor moogle tries to be suave without any of the sex-drive or handsomness that goes with. Alas, as much as you call yourself "dashing", you can't overcome cute sometimes.

I was looking for a good artist for Mercurus for a very long time, and I found koboldanon! Their work was fantastic and absolutely worth the wait. Please see them for all your short cutie needs~ <3
(For those looking to draw him, this picture has black eyes because we agreed it looked really good in koboldanon's style. For those who draw eye-colors, Mercurus' eyes are blue-green.)

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Art (c) koboldanon
Mercurus Sarbetz, the Dashing (c) Myself

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