A Flight of Fancy (Mercurus Sarbetz's Backstory) by MavenTreecat

A Flight of Fancy (Mercurus Sarbetz's Backstory)


18 July 2019 at 14:49:37 MDT

A bored princess is tired of the uninteresting, dispassionate gatherings nobles provide. So when she gets a particularly daring love letter, judgement gets thrown to the wind. Thankfully for her, it leads to an adventure. Unfortunately for the letter's sender, one of his main motivations for sending it is a hopeless cause.

Content warning: Adorableness.

Mercurus Sarbetz is another extremely early character of mine. He is a terrible romantic and flirt at heart, but it's hard to be taken seriously when you look cute even for a moogle. Still, he's a little overpowered in his home setting. Over time, I've fallen more in love with the disadvantaged or still small characters, ones who can't cover their own faults with money and fortune. I've given him a few more flaws since, but his spirit is still quite strong. As for the princess...she's a character I like, but I'm still not overly enchanted with her. Yet.
The tags? Princess Percy is asexual, Mercurus is panromantic and bi-curious. In case you were curious.

Princess Percy, Mercurus Sarbetz, and his crew © Myself

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