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A Prayer of Love (Deirdre Lyne's Ironclaw Backstory) by MavenTreecat

A Prayer of Love (Deirdre Lyne's Ironclaw Backstory)


Deirdre Lyne sees herself as the lowest of the low. She was taught that by everyone she knew, and even her Church put her at the bottom of a hierarchy. She wasn't just prey in a predator's world, she was uninteresting prey...livestock. Then, she was given the privilege to learn how to read and write, to be curious and learn, despite all her failings as a prey species and as a girl. In a sexist and speciest society, she has been given enormous leeway. But around those who see abuse of power as just and righteous, if you're not careful, you can use up leeway pretty quick.

Content warning: Speciesism, implied slavery, physical injury, and mention of religion.

This is the backstory for my character Deirdre Lyne in the current Ironclaw campaign I'm playing in. Deirdre Lyne is at her base a character who is a pacifist and extremely loving, raised in an unkind and twisted context. As such, she has to work to have any semblance of self-care or self-value and often sees the world in imagined hierarchies. Playing her is just as much about finding a way to grow out of an abusive worldview as it is about protecting and loving others.

Lore and world is primarily designed by A Fox Named Box
Revya Cunning © lapseph lapseph
Deirdre Lyne and Rowan Ferrous © Myself

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