Hungry & Thirsty shirts for preorder! [CLOSED] by Matuska

Hungry & Thirsty shirts for preorder! [CLOSED]


7 July 2016 at 16:09:47 MDT

EDIT: closed ! thank you SO much everyone!

We nearly sold out of these at AC and got a lot of requests to sell them online, so here we are! These are a collaborative effort between Rome, Avvy, and myself!

Just fill out this form to order a shirt and you will receive a payment request from me through your payment method of choice.


-You MUST fill out one form per shirt you are ordering, since there are multiple designs/styles to choose from.

-At this time you are PRE-ORDERING a shirt. the supply will be ordered by us depending on the # of shirts purchased, we will print them by hand, and then send them out as soon as possible. I am estimating this process to take no more than 30 days. However, this is just an estimate.

-This is a limited time offer! Cut off time is SUNDAY, July 10th, 10pm, EST. You must have your form submitted by that time to order a shirt in this run! We will be offering this design at future conventions, however.

-International shipping is available but you must be willing to pay additional shipping fees. If you are concerned about pricing, you can contact me to have it calculated before submitting a form.

-Sizing charts for the shirts we use can be found here!

-Please keep in mind these are HAND PRINTED shirts, and each one comes out slightly unique due to this. Small inconsistencies in the image are expected and even encouraged as we print our shirts- thank you for understanding!

-If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask on any platform you can find me on :3

Submission Information

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    OH MAN now I can get Thirsty to go with my Hungry

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    so glad i snagged one at the con!

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    Does a hand-printed shirt require a specific type of washing?

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      its recommended that you flip any shirt with a printed graphic on it inside out before washing, but that's all! :3