a loveable furry artist just like everyone else i get along with everyone and guess what IM A BIG FAT FURRY FOX... Paws off me i have people i consider family and a girlfriend.

so plz be respectful and here are my TOS and what i wont do for art.

TOS: any art i draw is for you the commissioner. you may ask for a refund if you feel like i am taking to long on your pictures. be as it may it may take me a day to a week to do your picture depending on the difficulty. i understand that once you bought the picture and i finished it and you feel like i didnt do it right im sorry but you did not give me enough information or did not come to help me with the problems you see. so ahead of time please give me full detail of what you would like and i will try my best to draw it for you. if you recieve art from me and you wish it to be colored or done by another artist please notify me first so i can say yes or no. i will most likely say yes most of the time i dont mind but remember that when you pay me to start something and wish for another artist to draw it for you i will not refund what you payed after all you payed this amount for this picture and is being done by another artist cause you feel like i can not do this picture right for you. if you get pissy with me in anyway and stuff and go on a rant saying that i didn't start your picture first I'm sorry but you were not first and will have to wait...if you feel like I'm being rude im sorry but your the rude one and i will block you and all comments to keep you from saying rude things on the pictures i draw. if you feel you need to give me lip say it to me in person if you dare..i will not tolerate rude commissioners so if you get all rage face i will not do anything for you and send your money back. if you respect me i will respect you. THANK YOU for reading this.

art that i will not and absolutely never do: cub, cub porn, chakat, vore, scat, watersports, rainbow colored characters(the colors give me an eye sore and i am colorblind) death of a person, hyper musclular, Micro, Macro


dont even ask
eh have to know me first


PG-13 rated commission

flat color +$1 each extra character
$ 5.00
full color/shading +$3 each extra character
$ 10.00
lines + $1 each other character
$ 3.00

XXX rated pictures

color/shading +$3 each extra character
$ 15.00
flat color +$1 each extra character
$ 10.00
full color/shading with background +$4 each extra character
$ 20.00
$ 5.00

commissions for line and flat color has a $1 incriment for every other fursona/character that is not yours if its a line and flat color. so if you have commission with 1 character it will be the minimum amount but for every other character you have to add another $1 for the line and flat colors.

commissions for full color/shading have a $3 incriment for each other character not yours.

commissions for full color with shading and background has a $4 incriment because this type of picture can take me from 4 days to about a month to do because it is very hard to focus on a background with so much detail in it.


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