Thank You, Anthrocon by matthewebel

Thank You, Anthrocon


10 July 2017 at 08:56:39 MDT

Once again, the big show in Pittsburgh came and went. And man, was it a hell of a party.

I’d been working (secretly) on an all-new, all-dance show for months. Yes, while I was working on Cognitive Dissonance, I was also cooking up a whole new batch of house/trance EDM stuff in my lab. For the record: I don’t think I ever wanna work on two albums at the same time ever again.

Anyhoo, I got to unleash this dance set at Anthrocon at the beginning of July… and holy cow, did you folks seem to like it. I can’t remember the last time I felt quite as nervous before stepping on stage: This was a whole new tech setup, a new style, and unlike most of my shows for the past few years, I was all alone up there. Just me and the keys and a laptop.

And a ton of dancing animals at the foot of the stage.

For those that are wondering, yes I got a live recording of the show (audio and video). I’m currently working on a release for The Officer’s Club, possibly even my first actual live album release later this year. I do also intend to release a studio version of the new and remixed songs so the DJ’s will have something to play with.

But for now, I’m taking a bit of a break and making a mai tai before I make more plans. With any luck, next year will be even bigger and better.

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