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Father And Death by MatterIntoTheVoid

Father And Death


There was once a young god, all alone and afraid in his tiny dark space. He didn’t know any words, but he called himself a Titan.
All alone he tried to make himself feel better with his new found title and the shiny bright things he could create. But they died after a while and he was left alone in the dark some more.

That’s when he created a new thing, a deep red star that lasted for years. It kept him company in the dark, bright enough to survive and dull enough that it wouldn’t burn out. The little Titan poured his thoughts and memories out in a pool to the little red light, teaching it everything he knew, which wasn’t a whole lot. They contemplated the darkness around them.

One day the little red light began to fade, and the little Titan scrambled to save him. Fighting with his own heart to protect the little light he gave the light the gift of life after death. A gift he didn’t know he could do. His fear of losing his little red light sparking a deeper power.

The little red light turned blue and died, and it blossomed into a creature just like the little Titan. The little Titan called the creature “Death.” As it died to be born again.

The two titans created the planets and the stars, making more like them, and the little Titan was called “Father”. Father and Death cultivated the universe and brought light to it, creating new life and death.

One day, Father stated, ” This universe shall thrive. ” and his word was more than law, it was way of life. Everyone lived happily, expect for Death.

Death saw all those who died and came to him for guidance beyond. Some he could take and give a new life, others he could not, and others were so evil and twisted that he had to punish them. Death felt his heart tear at the pain of what he helped create. He could no longer let these creatures suffer.

So Death, being almost as old as Father and free from his binding words, destroyed the universe and its life. Once again in the Darkness, Death and Father met again. Death a little dying red light.
“why have you done this?” Father asked Death.
“Because the pain and death was too much.” Death replied, “There was no light in the darkness of the void.”
“You are that light.” Father replied, angry.

For the crime of destroying the universe and its life, despite the pain and suffering, Father punished Death. Cursing him to walk every version of the universe afterward and to guide the dead and the lost.

Death was left with a feeling of disgust and pain. No longer calling Father by his title, but naming him “Visceral” for the gut wrenching taste in his mouth for what was done to him.

Father named Death as well.

He calls him “Darikey.”

I’m finally happy with Visceral’s design and his colors. He can “Fire up” like some reptiles do, which is all that red. He’s looking into the star that created “Death” or “Darikey. Overtime the "Darikey" star goes from red to bright blue.

I’m actually pleased with this for the most part. Spacey backgrounds because I figured out how to do stars!

I might sell the bookmark version? If enough people are interested. It’ll have this on the front and then that little story of Father and Death on the back (edited of course to fit and revised.)

If you’re interested in buying the bookmark version let me know. If I ever go to a con this year I’ll be selling them.

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