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Albatross Stand Alone Reference by MatterIntoTheVoid

Albatross Stand Alone Reference


30 September 2014 at 01:13:35 MDT

Albatross, The Titan of Fire and Suns

Albatross is a female Dy’kletiun. She once was a beautiful radiant Dy/Tai, her colors bright oranges and yellows like fire. However her vanity was her down fall. She boasted to be the best of the Titans and she was challenged by the Titan Gemini who offered a wager. If Albatross could defeat Gemini, Gemini would allow Albatross to claim her title of the best Titan and would teach Albatross how to create curses upon other beings.

However, if Albatross lost, Gemini would curse Albatross.

Albatross, being as vain as she was, took on Gemini’s challenge and wager. She was defeated quickly, cleanly, by Gemini and admitted her defeat. Gemini cursed Albatross, taking away her beautiful color and replacing them with the dull blackened colors of a dying sun. The bloody paw print on her shoulder being the mark of Gemini and anyone she curses.

Albatross was ashamed and now spends her years cursed and wallowing in misery for her foolish behavior. She rarely aids anyway and doesn’t listen to the prayers sent to her by other Dy’kletiun, ashamed to even show her face to them. There are speculations of whether that shame is caused by her defeat, or her cowardice and inability to try to break the curse.

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