Video Tutorial! Machine Sewing Small Spots in Faux Fur by Matrices

Video Tutorial! Machine Sewing Small Spots in Faux Fur


30 January 2018 at 19:33:06 MST

This is a real-time demonstration of how to sew a small spot with a sewing machine. The spot shown is about 2 inches big.
In my time assisting others online, I end up encountering many people who are not as willing to utilize a sewing machine for small details – I want you to have the confidence to try! A needle down button (a feature of many newer sewing machines) really does help, but you can certainly hand-crank the needle into the down position as well, each time you make your turns.

The whole trick of it really is putting it in the sewing machine like shown. The spot against the needleplate, the fabric the spot is going into against the presser foot, so you can manipulate it easier. And if you need more seam allowance than what I show, add it by making the hole smaller and the spot to fit larger.

This is my first video using new software for editing & voiceovers. I am hoping to improve that stuff as time goes on as well! Thanks for your patience as I learn how to teach you guys a bit better! :D

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