Mooter Adopts by MatchCense

Mooter Adopts


30 January 2014 at 14:56:18 MST


Front view: 3$

Front and back: 5$

Customs: 6$

Custom front and back: 7 $

If you buy 2 you get a free back view as well!!
( you have to buy the other back side if you want it)

Come see you may love them!!

*When you buy one, you will get a high rez file, without the water mark.
*once bought, you can name it..

  • when bought you own it! (Obviously)these are a closed species*Do not make babies with your Mooter. If you really want a baby come talk to me and we can work something out.*once you get it please put a water mark on it so nobody can steal it please.*Please give credit where credit is due <3 :3

*Please do not resell mooters for higher price then I sell them for if you do not want them too. ( Only if they have art attached to them you should raise the price)

  • You can alter the color a bit or make them more fluffy but please do not change design as a whole.

If you don't want it any more I will gladly take it back.

To make sure you read this please put pickled chickens in the comments down below if you are interested in buying one.
I will then note you with my paypal information.

What mooters are:

Mooters are midget chibi cows race. They live in tight communities. Most often mating for life as others are free roamers.

More to come in a later time.

Spotted boy:
spotted gurl:
Leaf boy:
Toxic boy:
Toxic Gurl:
Cloud Gurl:
Brown boy:
Yellow X boy:
Brown gurl:
Vday boy:
vday gurl:
Splat Gurl:
Rainbow boy:
Rainbow gurl:
white spot boy:
white spot gurl:

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