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Roses Are Red by MaskedLin

Roses Are Red


24 December 2016 at 17:05:46 MST

I finished this one real quick, jeez. Seems like all the pieces I get done real fast are half bodies, which is odd, since usually the character in a piece isn't what takes most of the time. I decided to draw one of my kiddos cause I'm done with all the art trades that I owe people and now just need to wait on my halves. Anyways, here's a piece of my bab Darion, being a flirty dork as always. This is probably his reaction to hearing that red roses are a human sign of romance, so of course he'd find a dried rose (since a fresh one would wilt pretty fast) to tote around. I was inspired to make this piece because of how a dried rose I have looks like a pipe, which I thought was an interesting aesthetic. His colors came out pretty good here, and the picture overall. Ant of my characters you guys would like to see more of? I'm curious, leave a comment if you happen to~ Hope it's enjoyed!
Art and character belong to me. Don't steal.

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