Asks- Dancer by MaskedDragonNamedLin

Asks- Dancer


22 February 2018 at 13:06:49 MST

I tried showing there being two light sources here, it's tricky, especially since cell shading is a bit more difficult for me (mostly floor shadows tbh) than painterly pieces, but it helps if I try sketching the outline of the floor shadows beforehand.

This is in response to the question, "have your dragons ever danced?" That would be a strong yes! Several of my dragons dance on occasion, like Afris, Darion, and Kihai (they can look pretty silly, but they don't care), but Hyūra is a dancer, it doesn't take much music to get her going! This sorta makes me want to go animate her dancing, cause pictures can't show the true movement and fluidity of dance, though that would be a lot more movement that in any animation I've done thus far, so I'd probably take a million years to finish it and would die in the process heh. One day!
Side note, this is the den the kids sleep in for most of the year. All of the older kids have bought blankets, and they don't wear out too easily, so it's resulted in this ever increasing heap of blankets.

Art and characters belong to me, don't repost, trace, or alter without permission, thanks!

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