Asks- Fauna by MaskedDragonNamedLin

Asks- Fauna


13 December 2017 at 16:34:37 MST

In response to the question of what is Fate's favorite animal- it would be cats! A little known fact is that my characters have two pet cats wandering around their area... I would have shown them earlier, but I am really really bad at cats, don't let this picture fool you, this is the best cat I've drawn ever :') It was a struggle to get the cat to a level where I'd be fine putting it up on the internet, but having a live model that likes to cuddle with you can work miracles! Though as a fun fact, this isn't the first cat I've drawn that I'm willing to put up online, but the other one is a part of a still unfinished project~
Fate loves animals a ton, she loves to lay in the sand underwater and watch fish, climb trees to see birds, all sorts of stuff to see and be near them, but cats are her favorite because they are a domesticated animal- meaning pets and cuddles! She loves petting the cats and giving them treats, and this tom here often sleeps with her to her absolute delight. Cats are the most common pet in the refuge among the dragons, because they are independent to take care of themselves while their owners go about their lives, but are still loving and affectionate (even if they can be complete butts sometimes!) Dogs actually aren't all to common because they are not independent and usually don't work well with a dragon's lifestyle.

Fate, her cat, and art belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks!