Canvas by MaskedDragonNamedLin (critique requested)

Canvas (critique requested)


29 June 2017 at 20:52:04 MDT

It is incredibly difficult to get around to finishing a piece with all of my main characters- there's so many of them and it's like assembling a puzzle to get them all on the same space, not to mention to figure what they should be doing. This piece was started last thanksgiving, and I've worked on it here and there, fixing anatomy, figuring poses and landscape, correcting proportions (they still aren't all correct), but I finally got it done to my satisfaction and scanned.
This is what a dragon paint fight looks like- paint is made from things found around the archipelago and traded goods, then put into little sacks with handles. These sacks have a small opening near the handle for putting paint in and so it can also exit, and are piled in various deposits in the playing area. Then the players grab them and chuck them at whichever player they please, the winner is the one with the least paint on them. From what it looks like here, the majority of the kiddos sat this one out and perched on some boulders, but the game moved into their area, to which some may or may not have used for mischief :)
From the left to right they are: Darion (brown), Bēah (grey), Fate (blue), Bogū (brown), Vaquor (blue), Afris (green drake), Khat (red), Almond (white), Lorraise (green and colorful), Zruimec (grey and dark red), Sapfire (brown), Gimrur (purple), Kihai (black), Hyūra (dark green), Pumpkin (yellow), and Jisesod (also known as Temek) (black and purple lungs, third body not shown). If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I love talking about my babs :heart:
Made with sharpies, Faber-castell and chameleon markers.
All characters and art belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks.