Summer Days by MaskedDragonNamedLin

Summer Days


28 April 2017 at 12:44:37 MDT

Anyone recognize this fellow? He's how that WIP I last posted turned out, and I have to say, he shaped up quite well! I actually fired this guy twice, both oxidized raku (which is why the bare clay remained white), but the first time, some of the crawling glaze I used to achieve that scaley pattern on his sides flaked off, leaving sudden stark white spots where it wasn't appealing, and some of the green glazes didn't cover between plates, so he felt very undone.
A cool thing about raku is that if you don't like how a piece turned out, you can put on more glaze (though usually it won't cover up previous glaze) and refire it! The reduction effect goes if you do this, so if you want it black, you'll have to re-reduce it- not that this guy ever was, but good to know. He came out of the second fire much better looking, though for some reason, the copper glaze on his undersides went way off the mark for what it's supposed to be- it's supposed to be a shiny black-green, but this looks even better since it adds more color to him. This way, he seems extremely forest themed to me~
Art belongs to me, don't steal or repost, thanks.

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