Stay Close by MaskedDragonNamedLin (critique requested)

Stay Close (critique requested)


16 April 2017 at 11:54:50 MDT

I am trying to have some diversity in my sculpture, so I like doing other things, but dragons are still my fav. This was inspired by a heart pendant one of my peers made as a necklace, and I finally got around to making a dragon pendant. It's about two (?) inches tall I think, pretty small by my standards- small things are surprisingly hard to make. It's colors didn't come out as expected, but that is the life of a raku artist. This little sucker was a pain to pick up with tongs, I had to attach a wire loop to it, and after it was reduced, I literally was searching for it for at least ten minutes through the smoking ash so I could get it- life's and adventure, but worth it in the end :)
Getting the camera to focus was flat out a pain though, lol.
Want one for yourself? I can make a pendant for you if you're interested, though unlike this piece, it would be fired in a electric kiln, so the colors would be glossy and vibrant. One will run you 10 USD plus shipping and handling. The pendant can be of a dragon of my making or of a character, though the level of detail is constrained by size, so overly complicated characters would be simplified. The latest you could order is the end of April, since that's shortly before the last bisque fire happens on my campus, and after that point, I can't finish pieces.
If you want something else, feel free to look through my 3D folder in my gallery and see if anything strikes your interest, if something does, send me a note and we can try to work something out!
Art belongs to me, don't steal or repost, thanks.

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