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on 18 July 2017 at 17:53:12 MDT

I'm not really feeling very it today so I might chill a bit. My mom woke up late somethn i.e. 10o'clock idk. Her boss didn't worry too much of it though. Of course that was a giant deal for us. I still don't get why my sisters were angry at me, all I said was for them to shut up because they're being loud. And then she lashes out on me. I understand why my mother might be worrying but - them? I don't know, I guess that's a thing with her. Because no other people act that way, none! She sometimes strikes an argument either when I'm minding my own business or when somebody else is speaking + she often interrupts someone's speech just to force her opinion down their throat. I love her but she's too much. I might come off as annoyed or upset but this is just my concern for my eldest sister. I have two older sisters, the eldest one still acts like she's the same age. It might take time for her to grow out of this confinement she's in, I don't know honestly. I was going to write, like, my plans for future journals and submissions but I might rest a bit. I have tea probably boiling by now, and in a week I have to prepare for the Ninth Grade. I'm going to this upperclass highschool where the staff is nice and shakes your hand more than they stab it, but I'm not confident I'll enjoy it if the majority of my friends from Eighth Grade are going to the same school that's like thirty blocks away or sometng. I'm also planning on making a nsfw blog where I can draw stuff like X-23 cutting off Silver Samurai's arms while disemboweling him alive. I might wait a couple months for that really, because I'm kind of new to the fandom and stuff. I'm currently accepting trades, but I haven't gotten anything yet. Send me one if you want, I'd love to draw your character.

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