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PROTIP: I'm a clean fur. I won't draw any porn, I won't fave any porn, I ask you don't force anything NSFW on me.

Hi there! My name's Masakuni, or Masa for short. I'm a light blue hatchling that loves to run around, play, hide, nap, scribble and draw, and all the things little dragons do. But most of all, I love to be with my friends! I'm always looking to make new friends, so feel free to talk to me. I won't bite!....provided you're nice and don't make me mad or anything.

When I'm not playing a little dragon on the internet, I'm a college student just trying to figure out my life. While I do that, I enjoy playing video games, listening to industrial and EBM music (and dancing and stomping to it), I wanna get back into drawing and reading, and I'm just trying to figure out this whole adult thing.

When I'm not at college, I live a small town in Georgia, so social interaction is very few and far between. I want to fix that one day, but at this rate, that will only happen if and when I move out. That and I'm not the most social person in the world, I sometimes get anxious in social situations IRL or online, so bear with Feel free to talk or RP with me! As long as you aren't too creepy about it (preferrably over IM or PM, and refer to my first paragraph).

Some art may come soon, maybe not, I'm just now trying to get something going, so do watch this page, I may post something eventually!

But anyway, welcome to my page! Feel free to visit, just don't take anything from there. c:


hell no

Latest Journal

Forward and Beyond: 2022 into 2023 (+ top 10 albums)

I don't want to do a long-winded year in review like I did for previous years so I'll be brief, at least compared to those journals I used to do.

I can't say that 2022 was all that great. Some good, a fair bit more bad, mostly a little more watching the world around me burn while scrolling on Twitter and a little less taking care to make sure my corner of it is driving toward a perfect future where the world outside is not, but that's not to say I have not made strides.

I went out to a few concerts again, and even a small goth festival. I spent a day at FWA. I'm starting to get up to go to places again. Also, more importantly, I've repeatedly wished I could get back into drawing; even if it's only while I'm at the TV putting NXT 2.0/2.5 or some other event in the background for a couple hours per week if that, and even if my materials are nothing more than cheap colored pencils and art pencils, I've managed to start drawing again and even put out a few pieces over the entire back half of the year. I'll definitely post more, but I wanna find time to also learn digital art programs so I can bang out more stuff when I can. I also took the plunge and finally tried the Link to the Past randomizer after much deliberating about trying to learn it, to the point a lot of my runs are in the 2:30 range, even had one go sub-2. I wonder if more will come of it? Will I take the time to learn to stream my exploits? Who knows?

In the new year, as well as drawing more and trying to chip away at my backlog of video games and other media, I want to not so much make a "new me" out of a new year, but refine myself as much as I can and be myself as much as I can. Be more comfortable with myself, reach out some more, exercise more (not necessarily to lose weight, just to feel better), more importantly, get closer to finding some way to leverage my hobbies and interests and eventually make a life for myself. Maybe finally start working towards going back to and finishing school?

Here is to making 2023 the best year I can make it be, and I hope you can help make it your best year as well.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure, I have compiled a top ten list of albums in the goth and industrial and EBM and synthpop scene that I have listened to and maybe you might find something worth listening to in here.

  1. ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) - Designer Carnage
  2. Noise Unit - Cheeba City Blues
  3. Pig - The Merciless Light
  4. Priest - Body Machine
  5. Encephalon - Echoes
  6. Eisfabrik - Life Below Zero
  7. Am Tierpark - Forevermore
  8. Solitary Experiments - Transcendent
  9. X Marks the Pedwalk - New//End
  10. KMFDM - Hyena
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