All of my OCs by Marwan

All of my OCs


31 January 2014 at 02:17:13 MST

Finally finished this. @_@ It was already almost finished, but I forgot to get back to this picture as early as I wanted. x_x (Got distracted, and I was too busy with life and such. All I needed to do is just draw two more characters, and I'm done. So, here it is, finally done.

I will add character bios later. For now, enjoy this pic. =)

A thing to note, although the submission title implies that I've included all of my OCs, it's not exactly all of them. These are merely OCs that I still care about, and which I would still continue drawing them.

Update October 29th, 2015: edited the picture to include Glenn as well.


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    I remember seeing that flute player before x3

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      Yeah, he was featured in my old drawing, The Piper in the Winds. I decided to make him part of my official list of OCs. XD