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Ahmara Kalku Theme - Wrath of an Unloving God by Marquis Alastair

Ahmara Kalku Theme - Wrath of an Unloving God

Ahmara Kalku Theme - Wrath of an Unloving God

Marquis Alastair

This is a theme to a villain from my steampunk setting, Ahmara Kalku, the Father of All Vampyres.

Ahmara Kalku is a difficult character to truly nail down. How do you truly capture the entirety of a character that was once a fey prince, became a murderer, and was tortured and experimented upon to the point of becoming the first vampyre? A character who has single-handedly ended entire civilizations and worlds before he found ours? A character who is outwardly urbane and calm, but his interior is a rotten and wretched sadism that can no longer feel sympathy, love, or mercy?

Is he evil? Is he a god? Is he merely a force of nature? Or is he merely an inevitability given the permanence and decadence of godlike beings? Regardless of all these things, the Jackal with bleeding red eyes, The Entropy of Worlds, the Father of All Vampyres must be stopped.

Ahmara's a very complex character, a psychopath that wasn't born, but made via experimentation, cruelty, and the cruelest of fates. However, he's far too far gone to be sympathetic, and has become a walking embodiment of societal entropy, from the corrupted leadership at the top, to the morally bankrupt lunatics who claim to be revolutionaries while being monsters themselves. He plays all sides, and will inevitably betray any who serve him... The only release such poor souls have now would be with Ahmara's death... if that's even possible anymore.

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