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From Despair, A Hero (Sound Warning) by Marquis Alastair

From Despair, A Hero (Sound Warning)

From Despair, A Hero (Sound Warning)

Marquis Alastair

Now we're getting into the REAL themes behind the Ghost Marquis. This was one of his soundtrack featuring a now-lost piece of media describing how he and his demonic/draconic familiar Anuna were arguing about defending the city that had betrayed him from an airship pirate raid/bombing run before finally suiting up for what could be their last great adventure together. Admittedly this song still moves me even quite some time later due to the context and emotional tones.

Also fun fact, the opening noise is one of the many types of sirens featured in his universe. In-universe it's produced by an electro-aetheric pulse run through a magnifying horn. However to produce the effect I ran the sound of a double bass through a guitar amp and then added a reverb to make it sound like it was reverberating throughout a city. The result is a spine-chilling siren that ties in perfectly with the song, albeit in a very experimental sort of way.

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