Quality Reading (Deluxe) by Marquis2007

Quality Reading (Deluxe)


17 October 2018 at 17:57:43 MDT

5 of 5 commission for 4mps

A redone pic of Time Off which was an inspiration of Artie plays with his Nintendo DS (which also got updated - Artie - Lazy Gaming - 10th Anniversary), except this time with Vanity X3

Side note: I forgot that I already used the title of Quality Reading in another pic, though inspiration was from the other pic (which was said above) though this does kinda tie into this new pic so........... DOUBLE BONUS YAY!

Wont lie, I think this is a great fav pic of mine, even though two plain obvious reasons right in your face shoots myself x3x;

Vanity being Vanity though, enjoying a good book every now and then ^^

Hope you like =3

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